Arrival & Dismissal
Arrival - School hours are from 8:15 A.M. - 3:15 P.M.  Students will be allowed to enter the building at 7:40A.M. to go to breakfast or the gym.  At 7:55 A.M. all students will be dismissed from the gym to go to his or her classroom.  All teachers will be at their doors to greet the children at 7:55 A.M. Parents are asked not to walk their children to class as this poses a problem for safety and interrupts our procedures for arrival.  The students are very safe upon entering the building and are guided to their classrooms by an adult.

Dismissal- We will begin dismissing all van riders, car parkers, and afterschool care students at 3:10P.M. All bus students will report to the gym when called and all car riders will report to the carpool line when called at 3:15P.M. Please do not begin lining up for car pool until 2:50 or later so that we do not cause a back up of cars trying to get through to Dawes Elementary.  ALL CAR RIDERS WILL BE PICKED UP IN THE 2ND PARKING LOT.  Please be patient the first couple of weeks as traffic patterns are learned.   We are asking that all parents stay in their cars in the car line so that we can move the traffic more quickly and to ensure the safety of our little ones.  

Bus Information - All students who ride a bus will be assigned to a specific bus number and each bus is labeled with a specific animal.  (For example, the ladybug bus, the bear bus, the bird bus, the elephant bus, etc.)  We label the buses by animal so that it is easier for the children to know what bus they ride.   It is very important that the children that ride buses maintain appropriate behavior.  If a child is referred to the administration for a bus infraction, an investigation will take place and the parent will be contacted.  After the parent has been contacted, if the behavior continues, a bus suspension may occur.  Bus suspensions for the 1st offense are for five consecutive days.  Subsequent bus suspensions may be for a longer period of time.  Bus routes may be located at under Divisions, Student Services, Transportation, Bus Routes and choose Hutchens Elementary.  Should you need another stop for the bus you should also utilize this website to submit a new stop application.