Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival- All students will enter the building through the front doors and will be escorted down the front halls and escorted to their classrooms.   Students will walk along the first white square and follow the cardinals.


Dismissal- Special Needs Pre K and designated Special Education students will be dismissed at 3:00 and will be escorted to the sidewalk.  Parents of these students are to park in front of the MCPSS buses in the second parking lot in a carpool line in order for us to dismiss these children safely.  

At 3:10 all bus students will be dismiss to the gym and they will sit behind their designated bus on a cardinal on the floor.  The students will be distanced from one another until they are loaded on the bus.  Following will be car riders at 3:15.  Pre-K and Kindergarten car riders will sit in the lobby and front kindergarten hall on the cardinals, 1st Grade car riders will sit in the lobby and down the 1st grade hall on the cardinals, and 2nd grade will sit on the cardinals in the middle hall.  Teachers will be posted along the way to help monitor students and to assist with distancing and listening for their name.  Traffic teachers will call for students as usual and they will be lined up in the lobby and escorted to their cars.  We will not have CAR PARKERS this year.


              Pre K Special Needs & Designated Special Needs     3:00 (in 2nd parking lot)

              Van Riders/Cows                                                        3:05 (in 2nd parking lot on 2nd row)

              Bus Students                                                                 3:10 (in 2nd parking lot)

              Car Riders                                                                      3:12 (in 1st parking lot)